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Rajat Mohanty is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Paladion Networks. He has been Paladion’s Chairman & CEO since the inception of the Company in July 2000.

Mr. Mohanty has led Paladion through a period of dramatic revitalization and continued market share gains, having transformed Paladion’s business model from what was its initial focus on high-end Security Consulting into today’s Managed Cyber Security businesses that includes Paladion proprietary RisqVU platforms for Security Operations, Configuration management and CyberActive platforms. Paladion enables businesses and service providers to transform their security operations and deliver Security as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing, Security analytics and Intelligence platforms pioneered under Mr. Mohanty’s leadership as an Industry veteran. Rajat envisioned creation of innovative products and services that accelerates the journey to Secure computing, helping IT departments to manage and protect and analyse their most valuable asset—information and —in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.

Under Mr. Mohanty’s leadership, Paladion has amassed a long track record of successful customer acquisitions and partnerships to expand Paladion’s portfolio, enter new market segments and enlarge the company’s addressable market opportunity. He has expanded the company’s marketplace beyond large enterprises to commercial and small-medium businesses, broadened the company’s industry alliances, and established new selling, partnership and distribution channels in India, Middle East and South East Asia. He has championed Paladion’s commitment to the Total Customer Experience, to consistently exceed customers’ expectations for quality, service, innovation and interaction. Acknowledging Paladion’s growth under Mr. Mohanty’s leadership, Deloitte has awarded the fastest growing start-up award seven times in a row and analysts such as Gartner & Forrester placed Paladion in their most respected market reports.



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